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"Art Micrographics"



Micrographics — is a special method of obtaining the image (as well as itself an image), as an details of which used a variety of small graphical elements that have a special shape, color, size and / or located in a particular order.

The main field of application of the "Art Micrographics" supposed "protected" printing, for example, production of securities and lottery tickets, other printed materials requiring complex and original graphic design.

Graphic elements used to create a micrographic image can be as simple (eg, lines, geometric shapes, etc.) and more complex (all sorts of graphic symbols, patterns, text and numeric characters, etc.).

The image obtained by micrographic method, in turn, may also vary from primitive forms (line, band, a geometric figure, etc.) to the medium complexity (pattern, text, symbol, etc.) and to very difficult, until level without any restrictions (portrait, landscape, etc.).

The author of the technology "Art Micrographics" and its title — "Art Micrographics", — is Farid Taziev — an expert on computer technology, a professional working in the printing industry for many years.

With "Art Micrographics" you can get the original design of its products and an additional degree of its protection.

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